To provide an easy-to-use, informational, and affordable herb, supplement and natural products experience for our customers.


Sensible Herbs is the brainchild of Kailas, an Ayurvedic practitioner, herbalist, and Craniosacral Therapist in private practice in Los Angeles. Kailas created Sensible Herbs to empower individuals with wellness products that make a difference.


Healing is based on hope, a wisdom connection with global healing traditions, personal empowerment, practice and experience. Healing and health are the direct result of our awareness, intention, and self-discipline. 



Remedies that have been effective for thousands of years, and are generally regarded as safe, should be available to everyone. We support Fair Trade and Sustainable Organic herbal agriculture, and carry as many GMO Free products as possible.


Science and new manufacturing processes can bring many innovations to herb and supplement products. Sensible Herbs carries innovative products made with a conscious consumer in mind. We also see the need for modern science to be flexible and admit the creative genius of the past has often brought greater results with less negative impact, using heart-centered, natural methods.


We carry products manufactured with the highest industry standards for purity and safety.


Over the last ten years we have used many of the herbs, ingredients, and brands sold here, and have seen the health benefits in practice. While not every product works scientifically for everybody, we trust implicitly in the ability of herbs and supplements to heal and support a truly healthy lifestyle.


Ultimately healing / health is a product of Awareness (also called Spirit). The reason modern medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, and many other systems all work even though they have totally different "maps" of the body, and of reality, is because of the Awareness that we bring to the healing process. This Awareness is the energy that makes each method effective. It is present within us and in the elements of Nature. From the Earth to the water, air, Sun, herbs, minerals and animals, Awareness is "available" as the Source of life and therefore all aspects of healing.

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