Tulsi Tea Benefits

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is an energizing, bitter, warming herb made from the leaves of Ocimum sanctum.


tulsi plant sacred healing

Tulsi is the most sacred Indian medicinal plant. Tulsi is always referred to as female, and given the greatest respect.

Legend says that the Tulsi plant is actually a Goddess who has come to Earth. She represents the purity of Mother Nature.

Purity is the most spiritual of all qualities, because of all the qualities of Nature, purity most closely resembles the Soul or Spirit, which is eternally pure in essence.

When we talk about spirituality or healing, purity is the most important quality. For example, it's more important to purchase 100% pure herbs than a cheap bottle of adulterated product.

Healing depends on purity - the body works better when it is detoxified, and certainly heals much faster.


tulsi(holy basil) leaf balances doshas

"Tulsi" comes from a Sanskrit word for "balance" (tula), so Tulsi means, "She Who Brings Balance".

Most of our stress and disease comes from being out of balance. Whether we call it our hormones, or our emotions, the fact is that when we are out of balance, our bodies become easily swayed by the forces of illness.

Being in balance allows us to accept change. In Ayurveda the entire sysetm of health is based on this key idea. The word "Dosha" means "that which is always going out of balance" and Tulsi is one of the best herbs for bringing the Doshas back into balance.



Tulasi restores the body and mind, plant Ocimum sanctum image

Standing in front of a Tulsi bush, one notices s clear energy surrounding the entire plant. Just like a rose has a fragrance so unique that your heart opens immediately, Tulsi has an energy field that refreshes you instantly.

The flavor of Tulsi also has a sharp, energizing quality that stimulates without the "speedy" or "intense" qualites of coffee, tea or other herbs.

According to Ayurveda, restoration has to happen to the mind, the heart, and the body at the same time in order to be complete. And the benefit of restoration is not only the ability to maintain health, but to help preserve our vital energy. Working to exhaustion, for example, drains us deeply and we become less able over time to remain immune to illness and the effects of aging.



Tulsi - Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum.

In Today's world we all seek stress relief, but what we are really looking for is a happy heart.

Traditionally it's beleived that Tulsi opens the heart, and fills it with devotion, hope and faith.

Because it takes a "heart-opening" to heal the body and mind, Ayurveda teaches that Tulsi empowers our Self-Healing

In fact, it's said Tulsi empowers not just human beings, but also the animals and plants nearby and that the entire ecosystem is benefitted by Tulsi.

By helping us to Self-Heal, Tulsi spreads her effects everywhere, because the good you do for for yourself will positively affect your community and environment.


tulsi adaptogenic herb, benefits, properties in Ayurvedic medicine.

Studies have shown that Studies may profoudnly help regulate and balance cortisol. Even mice that have been tortured into convulsions by administering barbaric checmical convulsants and electroshock, after being given Tulsi, are able to handle the stress as measured by their hormone levels.

Therefore, Tulsi may be one of our best aids to protecting the body against chronic stress, which is known to cause many diseases and trigger flareups of autoimmune disorders.

In Ayurveda, Tulsi is used to heal respiratory conditions through its antibacterial action as well as Tulsi's ability to balance, strengthen and envigorate the body.

Tulsi is also kills cancer cells in their infancy, and one especially interesting fact is that Tulsi has shown the ability to protect against radiation, due to its antioxidant properties.




This article is intended to share the subtle values and benefits of Tulsi, not make health claims. Like all herbs, the traditional wisdom is extensive and many people feel superior to our modern understanding because true, unbiased studies are difficult to find and are usually incomplete whether they state positive or negative results.

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